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One out of every two drivers will receive a ticket every five years adding to an exorbitant amount of money over time with even the slightest violation adding to an amount easily over $250 plus an addtional 18% to 42% in raised insurance premiums! This website is designed and created through years of dedicated research to help give the little guy a chance to beat their citation. Start by filling in the information below to print your forms and begin having a fighting chance of defending yourself in court! Oh ya, and one more thing to add, we don't store your information! The data populated below is just to craft your forms and is discarded on download.

Oh yeah and by the way, if you don't have the time, let us handle it for you by selecting one of our service packages below and help support the site! We'll assign an Attorney to your case and they will give you a call to contest your ticket for you!

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Demurrer Motions

Demurrer overruled, Prevent the court from moving forward.

Prearrignment Motions

Pretrial Motions

Trial in Writing, a free shot at winning!

Help I Lost My Case in In Writing!

Trial Motions, I'm Going to War!

Court Strategy, Time To Duke It Out

Help, I Lost my case in person!

I've won! What do I need to do next?

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The PEOPLE v. SULLIVAN : Binding Authority on Speed Traps and barring illegal evidence.
THE PEOPLE v. PETER FREDERICK FLAXMAN : Discuss that a a copy of a Traffic and Engineering Survey is a Public Record
THE PEOPLE v. Earnest : Says that a Traffic And Engineering Survey must be preset for conviction
THE PEOPLE v. Wozniak : You may attend traffic school if you go to trial, Its up to the Judge

Judge/Commisioner/Judicial Officer Misconduct.
Misconduct's are rude, abusive, and improper treatment of lawyers, litigants, witnesses, jurors, court staff or others.
Do not abuse this request and use sparingly.

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Service Packages

Hire help from a qualified Expert to ensure your best success at defending your traffic citation and keeping your record clean.

  • Trial in Writting by an Attorney
  • Represented by CalTrafficTicket in California
  • Email Contact
  • Fast turn aroundtime
  • Discovery
  • $ 249

    per case
  • Trial In Person by an Attorney
  • Represented by CalTrafficTicket in the Riverside County
  • Trial In Writing
  • Phone Contact
  • In-person trial representation
  • $ 399

    per case

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  • Phone Number required through PayPal transaction.

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